Web Design

I opened Mitchell Web Design Services in December of 1999 after the birth of my son. Due to my location of being in New Mexico in a very small town, my first websites were very small. This was the time of dial-up connections. I was one of the first people in Carlsbad to sign up for an Internet service that wasn’t one of the big players, like AOL.

I quickly realized that Carlsbad business owners did not have the foresight that advertising and marketing of the future was online. I had one auto dealer tell me, “You mean someone would look up a car on my web thingie and drive to Carlsbad to pick up that vehicle? Why would they do that when they can get it locally?” Realizing that was the attitude at teh time of many business owners, I began to network online through various messaging boards.

I slowly built my business to have clients from coast to coast in the United States. I was able to garner two well-known clients: Ellen Parlapiano and Pat Cobe, better known as the Mompreneurs. They have written books about how to become a mom at home who successfully runs a business. They also gave me a Mompreneur of the Month award!

During my web design years, I found my web sites needed to move beyond simple pages and into interactive, easily updated web sites. I began developing websites using PHP and MySQL, even going so far as to purchasing my own server with the Linux operating system.

Eventually I had to re-enter the business world, but that was only due to the cost of healthcare. Instead of going into the business world, I decided to teach what I had taught myself over the past four years. I taught Web Design/HTML and other subjects through New Mexico State University – Carlsbad. I loved my time of teaching adults and loved I was able to share my knowledge to help others.

Below are examples of my web design work. These websites are now all defunct.