Lorie Mitchell

Instructional Design & Online Education Specialist

I am currently the Librarian-Teacher at Carlsbad High School.   I have also been the Coordinator of Instructional Technology for New Mexico State University Carlsbad. I kept the Learning Technology Center running and tutor faculty with their WebCT and educational technology needs. While at NMSU-C, I worked under the Title V Co-Op grant. The main goal of this grant was to create an Online Associate of Arts degree, focusing on Hispanic students and their retention. 

During my time at New Mexico State University – Carlsbad, my team and I created an Online Associate of Arts degree for the first time in New Mexico State University history. We began with training the faculty how to use the online tools and the learning management system (LMS) which was WebCT at the time. During the process, our LMS changed from WebCT to Blackboard and eventually to Canva. We assisted the professors and instructors in recording online lectures, converting them to text, and adding activities to help the learners put their hands on the information taught. We were sure to cover kinectic, auditory, and visual learners with every lesson. 

I was also concerned with easy access to the information inside of the LMS, so I created a template for each course to follow, which used weekly learning modules. This assured the students knew exactly what was due that week and the lectures and activities for that week. Of course, the professors also had uploaded their syllabus and contact information. This template is still in use today in the NMSU System.

I am proficient in many software packages including Microsoft office, Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Studio MX 2004, WebCT, and more. I earned my Master’s of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Learning Technologies in December 2006. I am now a WebCT Certified Senior Trainer and a Certified Online Instructor through LERN (http://www.lern.org). I am also a part-time college instructor. In the past I’ve taught Intro to Spreadsheets, Intro to HTML, Intro to PowerPoint, Intro to Outlook, and Intro to Page Layout and Design. I am currently teaching Intro to Computer Literacy completely online.


My Resume includes all of my work experience since high school. I found at a very young age, I was able to pick up software and teach it in a very short amount of time. I also understood instinctively how computers and software worked.

Instructional Design

DESIGN is essential in creating online courses. The student must be able to access the information he or she needs easily without searching through links listed on a page. My template assures for an easy student interface.


During my Master’s work, I focused on online education with Hispanic students. Our Title V grant created the online Associate of Arts program specifically for Hispanic and underserved students. It brought me an additional cultural awareness while designing curriculum.